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uForum basics

uForum basics is a fork of the uForum code used to run on Our Umbraco, but has been refactored to fit a more generic scenario.

uForum basics uses ASP.NET membership, and should be able to support and membership provider that your site uses. You just need to implement a small interface (uForum.Businesslogic.Services.IMemberIdConverter) in order to convert the membership providers member ID (which is an Object) to and from a string. If you are using Umbracos own membership provider, then it runs out of the box.

Role based security is used to determine who are allowed to post/admin on a per forum basis. So you could have a forum that only a certain member group are allowed to post in.

The package requires Umbraco 4.5.x running on MS SQL server. It works with both the new and legacy xml schema.


Please use the forums on Our Umbraco if you have any questions about using the package:

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